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“We are committed to investing in an evidence- based approach to our work. We use these insights to challenge ordinary convention and provide our clients with the tools to achieve their project vision and strategy with precision”

Jake Townley

Senior Engineer


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"The traditional method of road design is evolving from a mindset that placed responsibility for safety on the road user to a safe system approach. This approach assigns greater responsibility to designers, builders and managers of the road network to provide a safe environment and consider the road network as a significant contributor to crashes."

Erynne Sanstoupet



"With VIC and NSW experiencing a transport construction boom, the impacts on the road network need to be managed effectively. Successful outcomes depend not only on the design of the strategy, but also on how well the strategy is communicated between agencies and the community."

Brendan Rodgers



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"There are 6 objectives which at their core aim to produce a transport system that is sustainable and incorporates economic, social and environmental perspectives and priorities. The outcome aspired to is a dynamic network that can efficiently move people and goods, whilst improving quality of life."

John-Paul Maina



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