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Q&A: How we help reach your goals (from the leaders)


DEFINE - Leadership to innovate and motivate



1. How do you help your client partners’ articulate the best course of action for their project vision?


We place people at the focus of our work and listen actively to better understand our client partners’ functional, community and commercial vision. From this understanding, we structure the challenge intentionally to uncover key issues and gaps.


Our team then map out a course of action and then design a services and solutions pathway that brings together our unique insights. This is then turned into actionable plans for presentation and engagement with key stakeholders.


To keep the people and vision at the centre of the process, we seek out feedback from stakeholders as each step of the process evolves towards a successful project vision.


David Ho






IDEATE - Experiences that are led by your needs



2. In a world that is changing rapidly, how do you keep your client partners’ one step ahead when they require a tailored solution?


We synthesize our vast industry experience and technical know-how to develop tailored solutions.


We do this by reflecting on our observations with human behaviour and learnings from conversations with clients, authorities and product supply partners. This uncovers unique themes, patterns and relationships that build on each other to deliver those tailored solutions.


Brendan Rodgers





IMPLEMENT - Specialist tools to deliver with precision



3. You have a unique way that balances complexity and simplicity for your client partners’. What is this approach you call ‘simplexity’?


To work with simplexity, one must have a clearly articulated and in-depth understanding of how things work and will work on the ground. With this in place, it is important to then be able to translate those understandings, overlay them with concepts and standards, and relay them back to someone in a way that makes sense.


The fundamental test for me is whether someone without the technical or engineering background can understand the safe solutions we develop and act, in accordance with the plan.


This understanding comes from many years on-site implementing and delivering projects, alongside engaging with authorities and the community to uncover relevant themes and patterns.


These lived experiences provide me and my team with the technical rigour and ability to understand and respond to client challenges in a simple and concise manner.


John-Paul Maina






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About Impact

Impact delivers Traffic and Transport Engineering solutions through a unique 'Inspiring Possibilities' approach. Impact brings you a premium service that is delivered through three specialist offerings: Land Use Planning, Construction Management and Event Management. Impact's offer is extended to built environment professionals and delivers better outcomes and longer term partnerships.


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