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An idea to help you focus on what matters most


To take advantage of the complexity around me (the abundance of emails, the bottomless task list and the fast paced nature of tech that lures me in to its magnetic force), I have learnt to improve my personal effectiveness through focus, and by using a variation of the Pomodoro technique.



1.  I pick one task, project and/or connected list of things to do.


I think of things that deserve my full and undivided attention.



2.  I then set a timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds and get to work.


I make a commitment not to be interrupted throughout this time, at all.

I fully commit, and if interrupted, I push that aside and get back to it later.



3.  I let the buzzer ring and take a 5 minute and 33 second break.


I give myself a tick and focus quickly on something that makes me feel good. ie: quick walk, grab a tea or coffee, or something else relaxing.



4.  After 3 rounds, I take a long 33 minute and 33 second break.


By this stage, I am feeling productive and energised.





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About Impact

Impact delivers Traffic and Transport Engineering solutions through a unique 'Inspiring Possibilities' approach. Impact brings you a premium service that is delivered through three specialist offerings: Land Use Planning, Construction Management and Event Management. Impact's offer is extended to built environment professionals and delivers better outcomes and longer term partnerships.


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