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Land Use Planning

Our integral role

Our uniquely skilled team members hold a prominent position in the industry. With vast experience and expertise, we've built rare competencies in assessment of traffic, transport and parking impacts for land use propositions and geometric design. From impact assessments to presentation of evidence, we thrive in high profile and complex problems solving engagements.

Our leadership areas

Our primary disciplines focus on medium to large scale projects. We have vast experience in commercial, industrial, education, retail, hospital, residential and port/maritime areas.

Our primary capabilities for these areas include: Technical assessments, presentation to VCAT/panels, thought leadership, strategy, modelling, design and plans.

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"Determined to deliver a meaningful contribution, we are further strengthening our service offer to you. We are announcing a new framework that is built for today's new requirements. It sets a higher standard and delivers your optimal investment and community outcome.

'Advanced Expert Evidence'

• Advanced strategic assessment

• Advanced community analyser 

• Advanced strategic advisory 

• Advanced professional representation


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