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MAB Corporation

Blazey Street Richmond

Our challenge

We were tasked with guiding the development team and providing technical input for the planning of transport and waste related considerations for this multi-level commercial building. The brief was to assist with designing an efficient basement outcome, that delivered an optimal number of bicycle facilities and car spaces, including allowance for electric vehicles, whilst balancing the spatial requirements for waste storage and waste vehicle access.


Our impact

We explored a range of design outcomes and settled on a triple tandem car stacker arrangement that provided an optimal number of car spaces within the constrained basement. This allowed more area to be provided to accommodate circulation for waste vehicles, bicycle facilities that exceeded statutory requirements, and suitable waste storage areas. To assist the client group's understanding of the mechanical parking design, we facilitated an inspection with the nominated car stacker manufacturer of an existing development with a similar mechanical parking arrangement. The opportunity to observe the system in operation increased confidence in the design outcome.

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