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Jeremy and Brendan have been promoted to Principal position.



On behalf of everyone at Impact, we would like to announce the creation of two critical roles via the immediate appointment of Jeremy Peters (left) to Principal - Infrastructure, and Brendan Rodgers (right) to Principal - Construction and Events.


Didier Moutoussamy (Director of Impact) on the appointments: “As Impact continues to strengthen our service offering, a restructure was required to ensure we continue to deliver meaningful results for both the Impact business and our client partners. The appointment of Jeremy and Brendan to these important leadership roles will be instrumental in the optimisation and performance of their respective teams, whilst ensuring client partner impact through industry leading engagement and outputs.”


For a personalised conversation about maximising the delivery of your objectives, reach out to Jeremy and/or Brendan today:





0409 497 393




0422 776 934



Stay up to date and follow our ‘Latest’ page. Jeremy and Brendan continue to share their valuable insights here for you.




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Impact delivers Traffic and Transport Engineering solutions through a unique 'Inspiring Possibilities' approach. Impact brings you a premium service that is delivered through three specialist offerings: Land Use Planning, Construction Management and Event Management. Impact's offer is extended to built environment professionals and delivers better outcomes and longer term partnerships.